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Terms and Conditions

We are an immigration consulting company that has started its services in Belgium in 2011, and since then we have developed to become a company that offers immigration (visa, residence permit, citizenship) solutions in many countries in Europe and Caribbean. We are a boutique so you can count on personal support and the best solution for you in your immigration endeavours.

To set all points over an i, here are a few points that describe the legal canvas of our mutual cooperation:

  1. We carefully select our clients and for the preliminary due diligence we would like to kindly ask you to provide us with your CV and passport copy. These documents are also needed so that we could suggest you the best alternative for immigration given your circumstances.
  2. As any lawyer, we are unable to start working your file until you have made the first payment onto our account, the rest of the service is payable within 20 days after approval, failure to do so will result in cancellation of your documents (visa, work permit, residence permit). You are free to use www.upwork.com or any other escrow provider to engage us and to pay us, at your own cost.
  3. We refund all the moneys paid by you to us, and we only withhold the administration charge that covers all the out of pocket expenses and other fees related your case, that we bore. The refund is due if we have lost the appeal. As an alternative we can offer you a special price for another program.
  4. You receive your visa at the embassy or at the immigration department of your destination country, depending on the country. It is your duty to collect all the documents needed for submission, to legalise them and to translate them when necessary. You are also obliged to pay all the fees related the process. Any delayed payment bears an interest of one per cent per day, and a penalty of one hundred euros.
  5. When you have arrived to the destination country, you are obliged to follow all the rules and laws of that country related your stay, such as social, fiscal, immigration, medical, schooling and other and in no circumstance can we be held accountable for your compliance or non-compliance with them.
  6. Your personal data is collected under the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium. We will never pass your data to any other legal or physical person or authority.
  7. You can pay us by Bank transfer, Paypal and Paysera. At any rate, you are to bear the costs of the transfer, as we must receive the amount billed net of charges, exactly as invoiced to you. We reserve the right to stop or to postpone the treatment of your case until you have settled your invoice in full.
  8. All our post-arrival services such as accounting, legal address, post management is to be paid in advance in tranches of six months.
  9. The use of the image(s) and/or text(s) contained in this website is strictly prohibited. © All rights reserved
  10. We cannot be held liable for the decisions of the governmental bodies in charge of the decisions on your immigration process.
  11. All agreements are regulated by the laws of the Kingdom of Belgium. We are CM Ltd, full Company name: Crаfts Маrkеting SPRL, VАT ВE O552.64O.573, incorporated under the laws of Belgium in May 2014. The information about our company can be easily found in the Commercial Registry of Belgium (BCE/KBO) online.
  12. All disputes are settled by means of negotiation. In case of refusal of your application we will file an appeal at our cost, if we have enough information, which we will otherwise demand from you. If the appeal is refused and you do not wish to start any other program, we will proceed with reimbursement as per point three above. If we fail to reach an agreement the court of Nivelles is competent. You do not have the right of 14 days retraction of your purchase. Your payment means full acceptance of our terms and conditions.
  13. The information in this website is provided under reserve for eventual errors, mistakes, changes in the laws and rules of the destination country.