Estonia should pay more attention to the tourism development


The number of foreign tourists in Estonia is dropping down and the state needs to take action to address this worrying state of affairs.

The board chairman of Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association Verni Loodmaa pointed out that tourism accounts for 7 percent of Estonia’s GDP.

Loodmaa said that political parties should begin coalition negotiations understand the importance of tourism for the Estonian economy.

In January 2019, the number of foreign tourists staying in the accommodation establishments of Estonia declined 4 percent compared with the same month a year ago. The drop was biggest in the number of tourists from Finland — 19 percent.

Loodmaa described this as a serious sign of danger.

According to the Estonian Hotel and Restaurant Association, also the small share of tourists visiting Estonia on a work related trip is a problem, especially considering that the numbers of tourists on a business trip are usually bigger in January.

Loodmaa highlighted the price level as putting the tourist industry under particular stress.

Contrary to the trend seen in foreign tourists, the number of domestic tourists climbed 9 percent year over year in January.

“Also that trend is continuing and demonstrates that the wellbeing of the Estonian people has increased,” Loodmaa said.

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